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Midsouth Homes 4 rent provides quality homes to qualified tenants
.  Serving the Memphis area since 2007.  We only lease properties that are in good condition and in safe areas. We may or may not be
the property owners of the properties we advertise for lease. Property owners utilize our tenant placement service to provide them quality tenants. Each property will be managed by the property owner.   

Qualifications for renting one of our advertised properties.

1. Provide proof of income. i.e. copies of recent paystub, (if self employed then 6 months copies of bank statements will be required to document income).

2. Must have a current verifiable rental history. If no current rental history then you will be required to pay first and last month's rent plus deposit to be considered.

3. Can not have been evicted from any rental property in the Midsouth Area within the last 3 yrs.  If so you will have to pay first and last month's rent plus deposit to be considered.

4. No past judgements from a property management company.

5. Can not be currently in a bankruptcy or had a past bankruptcy within the last 3 years.

6. No felonies or past criminal history. (a criminal background check will be completed).

7. A credit report may be required. Bad credit will not necessarily prevent you from renting one of our properties. We try to work with you with your past credit issues.

8. A $60.00 application fee will be charged plus a $40.00 additional fee for each adult living in property.




Call today to view homes  901-218-2586

(Please be prepared to pay deposit if requesting a viewing of one of our properties)

To view available properties, please click tab (propeties for rent on top). 

If we do not have a home you are interested in but would like us to help locate you a rental home then apply online by clicking the contact us page on top and provide us your information and we will start working with you to located you a property.  We have many sources we utilize to locate rental properties in good areas.

Midsouth Homes 4 Rent is not a property management company nor are we licensed realtors.  We are a tenant placement service that provides marketing and tenant placement services for investors and property owners in the midsouth.